Some of my latest work
A small «Making of Luftholen» in pictures from the creative process. Mastering the huge plastic bags required extensive testing and rehearsal.

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Treten Sie mir nahe
2 Feb 2016, ±20 min, ZHdK, Zurich
TV-Camera, TV, speakers, stand, paper footprints, torch, sheets of paper

The work creates a first contact situation between two people, a local and a foreigner. While normally the local is save and kind of secluded/withdrawn in his social network the foreigner is challenged to expose himself in front of him and the community. Treten Sie mir nahe swaps places and invites the local visitor to step in front of the foreigner who is save in a separate room, communicating only through a camera and micro/speakers. The foreigner mirrors the bodily symptoms of such an insecure situation like breathing and accelerated heartbeat. The speakers are positioned in a way that the sound hits the local from behind at a specific height which scientific research has identified as being crucial for the intensity of our perception.