Luftholen – ein Versuch
8 July 2020, 60 min,

The german word «Luftholen» usually describes the action of taking a breath, it is figurative speech. Its primary meaning though is the action of collecting air, similar to collecting water. The work is inspired by the Corona lockdown and the sudden stop it put to our custom habits while we still had no plan for a daily routine in such cases. For many, the lack of activity and variety in their daily life felt like being deprived of the air to breathe. And they're most right: the air stops circulating indeed with nothing to set it in motion ie. with us staying at home and not moving. So my idea was to re-ignite the process of air exchange on a local basis and I made 3 large plastic bags. I entered the meadow at Alte Mühle Albisrieden. I unpacked the first plastic bag, catched some air with it by swaying it around and redid with the second and third bag. I took all three of them over my shoulder and went on a 1.5 km walk through Zurich Albisrieden until I reached a building complex in the form of two semi-circles separated by a narrow walk. I entered the complex, stepped onto the lawn and started opening the bags and releasing the air into the courtyard.