Some of my latest work
A small «Making of Luftholen» in pictures from the creative process. Mastering the huge plastic bags required extensive testing and rehearsal.

© 2022 Ellen Bratfisch 

Ellen Bratfisch 1/1 HC
art by minimal means, priceless

This ongoing work is an experiment in minimalism and serves the purpose of identifying art as a most natural part of ourselves and our everyday life. To achieve this, I established some rules:

  1. It must be done quickly.
  2. It must be done on the first try.
  3. It must be made of everyday material or re-use a material in a common way.
  4. No finishing or improvement allowed.
  5. Avoid everything that makes it special or outstanding.
  6. No copies, no editions.
  7. It must be re-distributed in public.
  8. It must be free of charge.

(Selected works of the series are shown.)