Some of my latest work
A small «Making of Luftholen» in pictures from the creative process. Mastering the huge plastic bags required extensive testing and rehearsal.

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Bitte (The Petition)
16 May 2016, ± 2h,
Madonna del Sasso, Locarno, book page, tape, camera

On Whit monday morning, I put a page from Anna Gavalda's book Zusammen ist man weniger allein beneath the crucifix in the stairway to the pilgrimage church, giving it the function of a fictitious petition of the Lord. It said: «If I'm not back within an hour could you please come and look for me?» (transl.) The place was secretely filmed for 1.5 hours by a pre-installed cam to examine possible reactions from those who come to the place to be recognized themselves. The cam shots resulted in a 25 min. movie first presented on 27th july 2016.