Some of my latest work
A small «Making of Luftholen» in pictures from the creative process. Mastering the huge plastic bags required extensive testing and rehearsal.

© 2022 Ellen Bratfisch 

Another brick off the wall
intervention, performance
2018+, printed aluminium plaques, can

[1] Six lettered plaques put on walls in public space explain each one way of fighting a wall. The instructions either personify the wall as a living being or identify the wall as human-made. Thus being contradictory to the evident nature of physical walls and the usual reflex of keeping them up they shall make a humorous link to the reader's personal experience in overcoming obstacles and induce reflection on the WHERE and WHY of the walls around us. [2] Meant as an itinerary, the plaques also indicate the next steps of the project. The instructions are intended to be executed in performances, above: An episode of Corrode a wall. Below: Melt a wall. The next will be Give a wall new perspectives.