13/03/23: My 2013 work «Männliche Entschuldigung» is now available as NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Ten years ago, it was one of my first digital works and beautifully demonstrates the huge steps we took since then. It is now preserved with all metadata for the generations to come. The edition consists of 20 objects per motif and is available at objkt.com (click QR):

14/07/23: A small «Making of Luftholen» in pictures from the creative process. Mastering the huge plastic bags required extensive testing and rehearsal.

Luftholen – ein Versuch
8 July 2020, 60 min, Zurich-Albisrieden
plastic film, tape, cord

The german word «Luftholen» usually describes the action of taking a breath, it is figurative speech. Its primary meaning though is the action of collecting air, similar to collecting water. The work is inspired by the Corona lockdown and the sudden stop it put to our habits while we still had no plan for a daily routine in such cases. For many, the lack of activity and variety in their daily life felt like being deprived of the air to breathe. And they're most right: the air stops circulating indeed with nothing to set it in motion ie. with us staying at home and not moving. So my idea was to re-ignite the process of air exchange on a local basis and I made 3 large plastic bags. I entered the meadow at Alte Mühle Albisrieden. I unpacked the first plastic bag, catched some air with it by swaying it around and redid with the second and third bag. I took all three of them over my shoulder and went on a 1.5 km walk through Zurich Albisrieden until I reached a building complex in the form of two semi-circles separated by a narrow walk. I entered the complex, stepped onto the lawn and started opening the bags and releasing the air into the courtyard.

Ich bau ein Haus für Nick und Klaus
14 May 2020, 7:21 min, ACT 2.0 Festival Zurich

Off the performance site I start with the words «Ich bau ein Haus für Nick und Klaus» (engl. I build a house for Nick and Klaus). I then enter and stretch a long piece of cord in the form of a house as in the drawing game and mind puzzle «Das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus» (engl. This is the house of Santa Claus) following the corners, edges and shadows. Once I have finished I leave and repeat my first sentence. I add a second line like in the extended version of the original play.
The ACT Festival usually takes place in public space. Due to the lockdown in 2020, it was held online and all performances were either streamed live or taped in advance to be presented at a specific date. For more information visit the ACT Website ︎︎︎ and the ACT 2.0 Archive ︎︎︎

2020, 0:28 min

Patriots Act I
Performance for video 
14 May 2020, 70 min

The similarity in name with the American Patriot Act is fully intentional, since my work is a replica to the Trump policy/politics at the time.

Ellen Bratfisch 1/1 HC
art by minimal means, priceless

This ongoing work is an experiment in minimalism and serves the purpose of identifying art as a most natural part of ourselves and our everyday life. To achieve this, I established some rules:

  1. It must be done quickly.
  2. It must be done on the first try.
  3. It must be made of everyday material or re-use a material in a common way.
  4. No finishing or improvement allowed.
  5. Avoid everything that makes it special or outstanding.
  6. No copies, no editions.
  7. It must be re-distributed in public.
  8. It must be free of charge.

(Selected works of the series are shown.)